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We have a hearing instrument for people who are busy living.
An afternoon get-together with friends. An hour or two in the garden. An evening on the sofa with a favorite movie. Whatever you love to do, you're too busy enjoying life to let a hearing loss get in your way. It's an easy, comfortable solution you can put on and forget about. With all the technology you need to stay connected to your world. Because you have better things to do.



Hassle-free hearing. That's why Siemens created Motion. Designed for wearers with moderate through severe hearing loss, Motion offers different housing types and performance levels to meet the diverse needs of wearers. Motion is fully automatic, so even in complex listening environments, there's no need to change programs or adjust volume settings. And all BTE models are rechargeable, so wearers don't have to worry about changing batteries either.


Open fit digital hearing aids are extremely small and nearly invisible to an observer. They work via a clear tube that comes from behind the ear and rests in the ear canal. However, unlike with standard hearing aids, there is no earmold to occlude the ear canal when open fit hearing aids are worn - the clear tube is extremely thin and leaves the canal open. Open fit hearing aids are also lightweight - many users find that after a few minutes of wearing them, they cannot feel them at all.

The biggest benefit to open fit digital hearing aids is that they have no occlusion. For those who have normal low frequency hearing but who are experiencing problems with high frequencies - which usually occurs with early hearing loss - open fit hearing aids are ideal. They are extremely lightweight and nearly invisible as well. And although they utilize the latest technology, they should not cost much more than in-the-ear or behind-the-ear hearing aids, and may even cost the same. Open fit hearing aids are also easier to fit because they are not custom made, unlike many in-the-ear hearing aids; they work directly out of the box.

Both standard and open fit hearing aids are made with the same type of technology. Both types of hearing aids are available from SIEMENS with directional microphones, which can be a benefit for users who may encounter noisy situations, such as being in a restaurant or sitting with more than one person at a time, and who want to be able to hear individual speakers better. Behind-the-ear hearing aids, in-the-ear hearing aids, and open fit hearing aids may all also offer multiple memory options.

While open fit, in-the-ear, and behind-the-ear hearing aids each offer pros and cons, the bottom line is that it is important to find the product that is best suited for your type of hearing loss. Make sure that any type of hearing aid you purchase leaves you with room for adjustment if your hearing changes over the next few years.



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