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testimonials-img.jpgJim P. of Springfield asserted that Goodwin truly is devoted to providing superior service. He is very good at what he does- and I certainly wish that I didnt have to wear hearing aids but they are a Godsend. But these are electronic devices and from time to time they require service. Lloyd has never failed to give me the kind of service that I expected. Paynes business relationship with Goodwin predates Preferred Hearing Care The hearing aids I am using now I actually bought from him when he was working at a large chain. You would have expected that I would just have gone back there and dealt with a stranger who replaced him, but he was familiar with me. His prices are very competitive and when he makes promises, he keeps them.

Billie H. of Billings says: I had all kinds of problems with my last hearing aid. It never did work right. I kept going back to the previous hearing center trying to get it fixed or get my money back. I actually went a entire month having only one of my hearing aids at a time. I heard about Preferred Hearing Care through a promotion that they were doing- they were prompt and helpful, I feel like they were honest with me. I am very happy with my hearing aids now. I have had them for over 3 years and I havent had any problems other than having to readjust the fitting. They are holding up- it has been tested and tried because I work outside all the time.

Springfieldian Vern P. "Lloyd is really concerned with me being satisfied. He stays in touch". Pettit said. Pettit looked into several companies when shopping for hearing aids. "I investigated other places but chose this one. I was satisfied with the product and the price Pettit said Lloyd helped set me up with a pair of hearing aids that are easy for me to use. He's called up several times to ask how everything is going.

Graham M. of Springfield is a client happy with his results. "When I first met Lloyd in 2001, I talked to him about past hearing aids I had used because they simply amplify all frequencies. Goodwin gave him a hearing test and talked about various kinds of devices. He told me digital hearing aids would help me, Miller said and he was absolutely correct. I use them at home for TV and music, and they do amplify the high frequencies that I need".

Calvin K. of Nixa is equally pleased with Preferred Hearing Cares work. "I am just tickled to death. I have bought four different sets of hearing aids in eighteen years and this is the first set where I have really been able to hear everything. Im so glad Ive got them- and they were less expensive than my previous set. I worked in a refinery for copper- the noise in there was approximately 80-90 decibels. Which is high- really high. It ruined my hearing. This is the first time in a long while I am satisfied with my hearing".

John & Joyce S. of Lebanon say: "I have 2 hearing aids purchased at your hearing center. I am getting along fine with them. Lloyd would not give up on me no matter the time, and all my questions. I am sure he has heard them all many times. Lloyd and his secretary are just like family to us. They care about us and are there to help. They are the best".

Stephanie W. of Springfield, MO asserts: "Since purchasing the digital hearing aids, my husband has rejoined conversations instead of nodding & found them particularly helpful in his work environment. In the computer testing area, the filters in the aids allow him to block background noise and concentrate on immediate pertinent concerns. Thanks for the great product".

Thomas C. of Branson, MO: I have had my hearing aids for 2 years. I got them from Lloyd Goodwin at Preferred Hearing Care in Springfield, MO. For the first time in years I can hear birds singing and the crickets at night. I can even understand young kids when they talk. I dont even know I have them in my ears,